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Our Services

Cromwell PSI provides a pool of multi-disciplinary expertise and experience that gives it a strategic advantage to serve key economic growth sectors. Our offerings are strategically organised and comprise a bouquet of specialist products and services targeted at vibrant industries and key growth sectors of the economy.Its core service offerings are organised into three (3) Strategic Business Units (SBUs), as follows:

Strategic Outsourcing & Advisory (SOA) Services

Which focuses on: Real Estate Advisory, Property Development and Management, Facilities Management, and Urban & Infrastructural Development.

Our real estate advisory services support owners, investors, developers, lenders, individual and corporate users of real estate to develop and execute strategies that unlock value and minimise risk.

Our property development and management services cover all areas and asset types from large scale shopping centres, industrial complexes and office spaces, to rural estates.

Our fully-integrated facilities management services reduce operating costs and risks for clients, and enhances the performance and longevity of commercial, residential, retail and industrial facilities.

We work with governments and industries to envision and develop highly sustainable urban development projects and their associated housing and infrastructure systems.

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Professional Services

Our professional services which provide consulting, advisory and business support services to a wide range of industries and sectors comprise a wide range of multi-sector advisory and business support services that enable organisations to excel and achieve their key strategic and operational goals.

Management Consulting & General Business Advisory: Provide consulting services that focus on the most critical issues and opportunities facing businesses, especially with strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability across all industries.

Accounting, Audit & Assurance Services: Provide key audit and assurance services, including statutory and non-statutory audits, internal audits, corporate reporting, IFRS reporting, regulatory compliance, capital markets, corporate treasury solutions, accounting advisory, actuarial insurance, IT risk assurance, and governance and risk assurance.

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Research, Training & Events Services

We provide market research solutions that develop and expand business opportunities, answer critical questions and influence strategic decision making.

Market & Industry Research Reporting: Publish reports with important statistical and analytical information on consumer markets, commercial industries, key economic sectors, performance profiles and outlooks, current and future trends, competitor insights, and critical international developments relevant to the market. Reports shall include country and regional reports, industry profiles and outlooks, consumer market reports, and indexes

Custom Research & Surveys: Assist organisations with customised and cost-effective research and survey projects for market entry, business development, competitive insight, and strategic planning purposes.

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