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Strategic Outsourcing & Advisory(SOA) Services

Which focuses on: Real Estate Advisory, Property Development and Management, Facilities Management, and Urban & Infrastructural Development.

SOA -- Real Estate Advisory Services

Due Diligence & Audit: Provide pre- and post-investment due diligence and audit services including background checks, legal and compliance reviews, property analysis, portfolio audits, data assessments, deal reviews and underwriting services that facilitate informed investing, identify unrecognised opportunities and reduce risks. .

Transaction Advisory: Provide strategic support and advice during all phases of real estate transactions for acquisitions, dispositions, design-build consultation, sale leasebacks, lease renewal and negotiations, and corporate relocations.

Valuation & Investment Advisory: Provide independent real estate valuations, appraisals, reviews and investment advisory for real estate funds, including international investors, institutions, developers, and corporations. This service also covers feasibility and pre-investment studies, portfolio analysis and lease advisory.

Real Estate Development Advisory:Support clients to realise value from development projects through market feasibility and demand analysis, highest and best use evaluations, economic development and impact analysis, and real estate development and implementation strategies.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services: Act on behalf of corporations, institutions, and individuals to acquire, sell or lease commercial real estate. This service also provides access to an expansive database of commercial real estate listings, including office, industrial, retail, land, medical, institutional, investment and mixed-use.

SOA -- Property Development & Management Services

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Property Development Support: Provide integrated property development services that enhance investment returns through strategic advice, pre-purchase feasibility studies and development analysis, market analysis, profit and cost assessments, property law advice, design and construction support, project management, risk and security advisory, project financing and joint venture partnerships.

Property Management Services: Manage residential and commercial property in all sectors covering retail, office space, leisure and industrial assets. Provide asset management services, coordinate property maintenance and repairs, handle tenant communication and correspondence, rent collection, financial management and statutory compliance, lease management, and insurance and risk management.

SOA -- Facilities Management Services

Energy Design Planning and Management: Develop and execute strategies to reduce energy consumption and utilities costs for residential and commercial facilities, and manage and monitor the energy efficiency performance of the facilities.

Plant Services and Maintenance: Manage facility operations, construction, renovation, maintenance, repairs of buildings, grounds, utilities and installed building systems.

Asset Replacement Planning: Develop and execute strategies to ensure current and future capital assets are well maintained and a financial plan is in place to ensure their replacement. This service ensures that no replacement needs and problems occur which could interfere with operations of the facility.

Fuel and Liquids Facilities Services: Develop and execute programs for the management and maintenance of fuel facilities and installations that ensure regulation compliance and operational efficiency.

Electrical and Mechanical Services: Support the design, construction, maintenance and repair of electrical and mechanical systems including HVAC systems, communications systems, power and lighting systems, and building controls technology.

Sewage and Waste Management: Provide a comprehensive range of domestic, commercial and industrial waste management services covering CCTV surveys, blocked drains, sewer/drain cleaning, flood response, waste disposal and recycling.

Custodial, Janitorial & Cleaning Services: Provide commercial, retail, industrial, specialist and flexible contract custodial, janitorial and cleaning support that meets the operational needs of the facilities we oversee. We oversee regular inspection, care, cleaning, operations, repairs and maintenance of the facility.

Landscaping and Horticulture Services: Provide horticultural, arboriculture and landscaping support, including landscaping design and construction, garden and grounds maintenance, tree surveys, vegetation management and interior landscape projects.

Procurement Consulting and Contract Management:Address all aspects of procurement, sourcing and contract management operations to achieve savings and improved supplier relationships through strategic sourcing, spend analysis and custom benchmarking.

Security/Surveillance Planning and Management: Provide a broad range of security services that responds to demands for site surveys, manned guarding, CViT and cash management, surveillance and CCTV systems, and security consultancy.

Space Planning and Design: Assist clients with planning and design solutions for residential, commercial, retail and industrial spaces that lead to minimal expenditure and disruption, optimal space use and density.

Public Buildings and Secured Facilities Management: Provide facilities management services for government-owned real estate assets, including public buildings, public shared spaces, and critical and secure facilities like courts, airports, utilities, prisons and banks.

SOA -- Urban Housing & Infrastructure Development Services

Urban Housing Development, Cities & Mega Projects: Provide a comprehensive range of services across all aspects of the urban planning and development process, including master planning, project visioning, urban design strategies, land capability studies, community needs assessments and independent reviews for all sizes of urban renewal and greenfield development projects.

Social Infrastructure Development Support Services: Provide design, project management, construction and procurement support for social infrastructure development projects, including the health, education, housing, civic and utilities, corrections and justice sectors.

Transportation Systems Development: Provide design, ground engineering, environmental and construction services support for transportation infrastructure development and rehabilitation, including railways, roads, mass transit, marine transport and ports, and airports.

Policy, Strategy & Social Advocacy: Formulate and develop plans, policies and strategies that guide and address the growth, development and management of economic, urban form and social infrastructure issues.

Asset Replacement & Sunk Fund Management: Assist governments and infrastructure authorities to develop strategies and manage resources allocated to address asset management and replacement issues with a view to optimising the life of existing assets and accurately planning for their replacement if required in future years.