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Research, Training & Events Services

We provide market research solutions that develop and expand business opportunities, answer critical questions and influence strategic decision making

Market & Industry Research Reporting: Publish reports with important statistical and analytical information on consumer markets, commercial industries, key economic sectors, performance profiles and outlooks, current and future trends, competitor insights, and critical international developments relevant to the market. Reports shall include country and regional reports, industry profiles and outlooks, consumer market reports, and indexes.

Custom Research & Surveys: Assist organisations with customised and cost-effective research and survey projects for market entry, business development, competitive insight, and strategic planning purposes.

Market Intelligence Databases: Provide online subscription database access to market and industry-related data, statistics, analyses, reports and surveys from global, regional, country and company perspectives that provide strategic insights to help clients achieve their key business objectives.

Executive Training Programs: Offer a wide variety of scheduled and bespoke executive training programs that cover functional business areas (F&A, HR, IT, FM), management, leadership and organizational development, and other courses that help business professionals advance their careers, and support organisations to grow and improve performance.

Industry Events: Organise and host strategic industry summits, conferences, retreats and exhibitions that promote interaction, collaborations and partnerships between key influencers, major industry players, and governments on country, regional and global levels.